Yamaha YG1 80 cc

Published Date

In mid 1963 Yamaha introduced the YG1, a very reliable small motorcycle that was going to be produced in very large numbers and sold everywhere in the world. When introduced in the USA, its price was only $ 430,00 POE Los Angeles.....!

In several versions it was actually produced for more than 25 years. Later is was called YB80. It started as a rotary valve 7,7 hp engine with a 4-speed gearbox, good waterproof brakes, flashers, reliable electrics; all things that nearly all other small motorcycles did not have. I purchased this one in the U.K. and sold it as I had no place for it at that time. it is still running now and looks much better!


Here you see the YG1 (it is a pre-Autolube model) on my bikelift, just after I had it running again. The carburetor was dirty and the ignition was faulty. A good clean-up was enough to make it a runner.

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