Yamaha TX750 introduction

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In October 1972 the first 2 TX750 machines were introduced to the "European Press", at that time represented only by Mr. Ernst Leverkus, from "Das Motorrad".

We rode the bikes to Meerbusch, near Dusseldorf, at that time the offcice of Mitsui maschinen Gmbh, the German Yamaha Importer.

On this picture you see from the left Mr. Brethauer, the then Sales Director of Yamaha in Germany, Ernst Leverkus with his wife (in the middle background one of the Project Engineers, Mr. Sato), Mr. Manfred Weihe, then technical Director and later until recently "the Face" of Yamaha in Germany holding the handlebar and myself walking away.. (probably to a Bratwurst....!)

Here Ernst Leverkus starts for the European "first" test! As you can see, the first TX750 bikes were clean and not cluttered with the later-on added oil-cooler and hoses.

On the third picture you see from the left Mr. Nakamura from our Amsterdam office, next Mr. Sakuma, who was the projectleader for the TX750 and the earlier mentioned Mr. Sato, his co-projectman adn Mr. Weihe. Interesting to note is that Mr. Nakamura (Nick) was the first Yamaha engineer in Europe. he was formerly stationed at Mitsui London, in the very early years when the Yamaha import got going. British readers migth have read articles from him about working on Yamaha bikes in magazine like "Motorcycle Mechanics" (Anyway, I have these magazines ready for later publication....)

Here Mr. Manfred Weihe and Ernst leverkus are going over the details of the bike, assisted by the Yamaha test-rider (forgot his name....!)

And finally Manfred indicates everything that is important to his Sales Reps.



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