Yamaha XS1 development story

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Finally here the true story about the develoment of the famous Yamaha XS1 bike, which still has so many fans all over the world.

The following story was written for the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club Journal after some, partly incorrect facts were published about this bike, which is becoming (rightfully) more popular now everywhere. Later-on the Dutch XS650 Club (750 members), published it as well.

“True Story of the Yamaha XS650 series”


In Europe the first model seen in some quantity was the XS1F. The Netherlands received the first batch in May 1971. Prior to this a few of the now famous green XS1’s were shipped to Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, for evaluation purposes.

The information hereunder was compiled for me by my Japanese colleague and friend "Dottore" S. Iwasa, who was chassis development engineer for the Toyota cars mentioned later on and who started working for Yamaha in 1959. An old friend of his in Japan sent us the informati­on.

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