Yamaha XS1100

Recently this beautiful, completely standard Yamaha XS1100 turned up in the Netherlands. Not restored, just in its original condition. A very proud possession!.

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Yamaha TX750 Endurance Racer

My old friend Pete Lovell from the UK just mailed some interesting background information about the Yamaha TX750 Endurance Racer he rode together with Pete Davies, in 1973.


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Yamaha XS650 European test

When the XS2 finally was "remodelled" into the European Specification XS650, Yamaha Motor Amsterdam carried out exhaustive Autobahn tests in Germany.

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Yamaha XS1, the very first test

Already in November 1969 the Director of Mitsui Maschinen GmbH in Germany, the late Mr. H. Brethauer, travelled to Japan to witness the tests of the XS1 and discuss specifications for the European Market.

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Yamaha TX750 story

Dear TX750 Fans, here is part of the TX750 story. When I remember more, I will add or modify things in the future....!

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