Yamaha TX350 "Secret"

Following the general styling of the TX750 and the TX500 also initially some smaller models were planned, which, unfortunately did not reach the production stage.

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Yamaha TX750 introduction

In October 1972 the first 2 TX750 machines were introduced to the "European Press", at that time represented only by Mr. Ernst Leverkus, from "Das Motorrad".

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Yamaha XS1 development story

Finally here the true story about the develoment of the famous Yamaha XS1 bike, which still has so many fans all over the world.

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Yamaha XS1

Yamaha's secret 650 !! The US magazine "Motorcycle" published already the first pictures by the end of 1969 !!!!

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Yamaha TX750

This machine is one of the first batch imported into the Netherlands, in May 1973, with framenr. 341-501707. The owner was very carefull with his pride and glory and this TX750 got (of course) all the modifications that became available.

I will write later on this subject as I was (at that time) more or less in charge of this first major re-call in the European motorcycle history......!

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