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Mark Roberts from the USA sent this very nice story about a Yamaha Enduro Event, recently held in California. There are so many old Yamaha's still jn good condition!

I hope you are doing well, just wanted to pass some information. We just had the first Yamaha Enduro Fest offroad ride in Gorman California. There were many early Yamahas there. I am attaching a few links to pictures and videos that we took while there. Feel free to use anything you like. We are hoping to have a second event in the Eastern US in March or April of 2011.
Mark Roberts

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In Gorman California on October 22nd a group of enthusiasts who only knew each other from talking online, at the YamahaEnduro.com forum, began to arrive at Hungry Valley OHV Park. The Yamaha Enduro Fest was officially an Event!

After a couple of months of planning, it was time to meet, tell stories and ride vintage Yamaha Trail bikes!


Most of the folks were from California, but still there were still drives of 6-8 hours to get to Gorman. The long distance award went to the 3 guys in my group, who drove over 2000 miles,  from Tennessee and Illinois, to be at the first Enduro Fest. (There are really enthusiasts in the USA! That is more than 3.000 km driving to an event, in Europe from the Norway down to Sicilly or so....!)


There were approximately 30 Vintage Yamaha Enduros from the years 1968-1978. The oldest bikes were 3 1968 Yamaha DT1’s, the grandfather of all Yamaha dual sports! The newest bike was a 1978 Yamaha DT400E, the last year for the big bore 2 strokes in the US. In between there were Enduros of all displacements 100, 125, 175, 250, and 360cc.

The majority were twin shock bikes, with the DT400 being the only Monoshock.

One pre-Enduro Yamaha, was a very nice early Trailmaster rotary valve bike.


There was also a group of vintage dual sports from other manufacturers that came to the event to join in the fun. Vintage enthusiasts are a great bunch!


There were many group rides through the terrain of Hungry Valley, I came away very impressed with the capabilities of the bikes. After 3 days of riding there were no major failures. One of the guys broke a throttle cable but devised an ingenious solution using a set of Vise Grips so he could still ride.


A person of note, who took this to the point of being an actual event instead of idle talk is Dave Meis. Instead of just talking about it he went out and looked at sites, made calls, and quite simply, made the event happen! Thanks Dave!


The rest of us are best known by our forum screen names: I’m Ctune1, also present were DVM, RickC, FireMX, CaptDave, Stan, Loren, ValvesareforWimps, Mainjet, Kelly, RSLefty, Todd. I know I’m leaving many out, please don’t be offended guys! Watch the You Tube video and see the guys introduce themselves and their bikes. Not all of the bikes made the video, but it is a good representation.


For the most part, Sunday evening marked the end, a few folks did stick around and ride a bit more on Monday the 25th, but work beckoned most of us home. While I write this I’m smiling thinking of the great people, motorcycles and rides that made this event so special. We are already planning an East Coast Enduro Fest event and will keep you advised when more details are available!



Mark (Ctune1)


Picture Descriptions

hungry valley

Hungry Valley – This is the sign at the entrance to the park


1968 dt1s

1968 DT1’s - There are actually 3 1968 DT1’s in this picture, the 2 restored bikes belong to Stan and Mainjet. In the background you can see part of Stan’s 1968 “Rider” DT1 It is not in as good of shape as the 2 show bikes but runs fine.


daves ct2 w sticker

Dave’s CT2 – Showing off the stickers that I had made for the Enduro Fest, Dave’s bike is a 1972 CT2 with a 1974 DT125 fuel tank. A very nice bike!


rt3 valves

Rob’s RT3 – A very nice scenery shot taken on one of the group rides.


group ride

Group Ride – From Left Stan, Rob, Dave, Chip and Loren


the line up

The Line Up – Stan is in the foreground smiling as we start lining up the bikes on the morning of Day 2.

From Front to back the bikes are: 1968 DT1, 1973 RT3, 1969 AT1,

1973 CT3, 1978 DT400, 1968 DT1, 1969 CT1, 1970 RT1, 1973 LT3

In the background from left to right Kelly, FireMx, ValvesareforWimps.


the end ctune dave lefty

The End – Loaded up and ready to go home, From left to right Ctune1, Dave (Who organized the event) RS Lefty.


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