U.S. Catalina G.P. 2010 in Dec.

Wendy Newton from California, USA is a very accomplished lady roadracer, but when the rumours started about the "Catalina race last December, she decided to try that as well!

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Yamaha Enduro "Fest" in California


Mark Roberts from the USA sent this very nice story about a Yamaha Enduro Event, recently held in California. There are so many old Yamaha's still jn good condition!

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Yamaha's at the Barber Museum

During one of the recent Annual Motorcycle Meetings at the Barber Museum, Alabama, in the USA, the famous Kenny Roberts Yamaha TZ700/750 Dirt track bikes were on display.

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Daytona 1974 200 Miles

Thanks to the interest of the American readers of "classicyams" I received these nice clippings from the 1974 Daytona races. Pictures and text speak for themselves!

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Early Yamaha racers

This stunning picture from an early Japanese dirt race, probably one of the Asama type events, shows the early Yamaha racers in full fling.

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