Yamaha TZR250FIII of Juha Huusari

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Juha Huusari of Kerkkoo in Finland has found a very original Yamaha TZR250FIII machine. Yamaha Motor Europe organized the European Championships with these machines ( I believe it was 1988-1990, please correct me if I am wrong.

Some of the European Distributors asked for bikes with the full race kit fitted. Also Oy Arwidson from Helsinki, Finland, did this. This bike originally was ridden by Jari Suhonen.

Arwidson was always one of the main sponsors in Europe. In the early 1970's they sponsored Jarno Saarinen and Teuvo Lansivuori as you might remember.

yamaha tzr250fIII

The machine is practically as it was built around 20 years ago. A perfect find!


yamaha tzr250fIII

And here is the proud present owner Juha Huusari with his Yamaha TZR250FIII !

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