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Rene from Holland, who loves small Yamaha's, recently acquired this early 1980's semi-Yamaha bike!

Rene has a very large collection of Yamaha mopeds, which you can view yuorself on his very good website. Rene has a Passion for old Yamaha's and calls himself "Renetro", quite appropirate!

The YZR30SW he found, was made for "Sunward International", a Yamaha affiliated Sales Company in Japan for export. It was not made by Yamaha but some normal items were used, like footrestrubbers, etc. A total of around 10.000 were sold, this model and a black version, called the "LTD".

Sunward Yamaha YZR30SW


Sunward Yamaha YZR30SW


If you want to view Rene's website, please go to:



Rene's (Sorry, Renetro's!) Collection is very large, have a look!

I remember that we threw away all those signs, there were too many....... Now it is a prime collectors item and fetches good money! (I would love to have one myself)



His "Works" Yamaha TY50 Moped is loaded in the truck for another adventure!




Rene on one of the early Yamaha FS1 50 cc machines, blue/white tank must be the rotary valve model.


Two FS1's loaded for an outing. The Ford has an easy load thus time!


The latest addition, 2 6 cm long racers. As they look a little like RD05 V4 250 cc Phil Read imitations, they could be from the late 1960's. Anybody knows?



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