Yamaco hybrid racer conversion

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Charles Beijen has a rare "Yamaco" and decided to convert it to electronic ignition and change the carburettors as well.

Charles has a very nice website about this racer where you can follow the whole restoration process:


The Yamaha TD1B engine with the ill-fated Amal-type Mikuni carburettors with separate float chambers gave consistent trouble, so Charles converted the carburetion to modern Mikuni's with rubber manifolds.

yamaco with modern carburettor

The carburetion is very good now, as can be seen when the cylinder head is lifted from this 40 year old lady. Everything looks perfect now.


yamaco condition of piston and cylinder

Here the old racing magneto is still fitted (and the old carburettors too)


yamaco original magneto ignition

Charles purchased a normal modern ignition without any adapters for his Yamaco. So he had to make several parts by himself, like here the base plate.

yamaco new ignition adaptor

With the new adapter cone everything can now be fitted for a troubl-free race/ride!

yamaco new ignition ready for fitting


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