Yamaha DS6 racer of Martin Eijbersen

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Martin Eijbersen from the Netherlands found the Yamaha DS6 based racer which his Dad built and used during the early 1970’s.

Martin's father raced for a considerable time, but that story follows.


Yamaha DS6 racer L.H.

The machine is in the original condition and many people will remember bikes like this. It was then very popular to take your street bikes and covert it to a “racer” by adding clip-ons, rear-set footrests, a fibre-glass fuel tank and seat.


Yamaha DS6 racer, 3/4 front view

The more “wealthy” “Boy-racers” went to the extend of fitting the available “racing” parts. And that was easy, as Yamaha made all these parts readily available to the customers, although the prices were sometimes quite high…


Yamaha DS6 racer, 3/4 rear view

Martin plans to use his father’s bike next year in some Classic events in the Netherlands.


Yamaha DS6 racer, left near engine view

I am going to visit Martin in the near future and see if we can compliment the story on this machine a little more.


Yamaha DS6 racer, near clutch side


The clutch shows that the engine is in an absolute near perfect condition and I feel that does not needs much to make it a very reliable "Parade" machine.



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