Yamaha FS1 motorcycle of Cor Oomen

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Cor Oomen from the Netherlands has a very nice and original Yamaha FS1.

It is quite an unique machine as its registration is from 1970, the first year they were sold. This 5-speed motorcycle (the original # 260 type) found  only 26 customers in 1970 and 4 in 1971 (yes, only 30 were imported). Probably this is the only one left, anyway in this condition! The Yamaha FS1 had type code 0015 in Holland (the 15th Yamaha which got a type approval). In `1971 a further 48 FS50”s were registered but that was already the next version of this famous machine in Europe.

yamaha fs1

The original Yamaha FS-1 "5-speed "high piper" in its beautiful candy-orange colour.

yamaha fs1

Everyone would love to have such a nice 40 years old Yamaha "Fizzie" although this is not the moped but the real 5-speed 50 cc motorcycle.

yamaha fs1

Hundreds of thousands were sold, but very few of these "Fifties" are left in Europe.

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