Yamaha Beeline Sprinter bikes

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Bill White, who engineered the famous YL1 sprinter, also built other bikes.

To start with, here is his picture again:

Bill White

Other Yamaha's got his attention as well. The very popular YG1 80 cc engine was also slotted in one of his frames.

Howard White on the YG1 sprinter

With Dick Sullivan as a rider, the machine was very rapid, here at Fairford Airfield on Sept. 23th, 1972.

Dick Sullivan Fairford 230972

Here is Dick, one day later, in full flight on the "mighty" Beeline Yamaha YG1 80 cc!

Dick Sullivan Fairford 240972

Next Bill moved to "bigger" engines and tried his hand on the Yamaha AS1 125 cc engine. As for this engine many kit parts were available, like for the YL1, Bill could immediately use all his experience for these machines.

Yamaha AS-1 Beeline Sprinter

These machines were very fast indeed.


Yamaha AS-1 Beeline Sprinter



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