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Rob Pemberton from England did a fantastic job with the restoration of his TX750. he just won the "Best 1970's bike" Award at the famous Stafford Classic Show. No wonder......!

I do not have all the details yet, but it looks like a "General Specifications" machine. The TX750 was never sold officially in the U.K. (why???), so it is probably an US bike, hence the single disc and no oil cooler whatsoever....!

The details about this lovely TX750 came a little later, you can read them on pages 5 and 6. Rob pemberton works already many years at "Skellern's M/C, Cheltenham, U.K. where the TX750 can be seen (anyway, it looks like that on the last pictures on page 6#).

Yamaha TX750
Yamaha TX750

And here is Rob Pemberton with his very nice Award, worth all the trouble I think!

Rob Pemberton with his Award
Rob Pemberton with his award

The silverware will get a good place in his home....

Beautiful silverware!
Beautiful silverware!

The details are show the excellent workmanship on this TX750 (click for larger picture)

Rob again with his prize and the fantastic Yamaha TX750

Rob Pemberton and his Yamaha TX750
Rob Pemberton and his Yamaha TX750

This picture can also be "clicked" to enlarge, more pictures will follow I hope (Anyway I asked Rob to make a few large size shots)

Here is Rob Pemberton's first part of his story about the restoration:

Hi Ludy,

Hope you are keeping well.
Here is a brief story of my TX750
I had finished Eira’s TX500 (Eira is Rob's partner) a few months previous and was putting the finishing touches to my XS500B. I had been speaking to Mark at Governors Bridge Motorcycles for the last few bits, when he informed me that he had the perfect bike for me….yes a TX750. I was a bit dubious about it because of the reliability issues. Anyway, he said he would bring it down to my local auto jumble at Cheltenham Race Course. As you can guess being a glutton for punishment (TX500 & XS500) I just had to have it.
The bike sat in the garage for 18 months while I restored my XS500B (European spec) not to concourse just a nice rider.
After that I restored a RD350B which should have gone in the dustbin as it was so bad.
Then I restored Eira’s YCS1 to concourse. That was easy as we had a good bike to start with.
Back to the TX750. I was told by Mark from Governors Bridge that the bike had been running before it was laid up, the reason being the bike was parked up was because you couldn’t start it, the electric starter clutch was slipping and the kick-start drive gear wouldn’t engage. After fixing the kick-start, cleaning the carbs and fitting new points we got the old girl running. All sounded well even though it was and early American spec without any of the essential mods
I was at a classic bike show at Donnington Park where I met up with Kevin from Yamaha Motors UK. He told me, Yamaha UK had 3 bikes over for evaluation and all 3 blew up, and said it was a brave man to take on the TX!

All the restoration work went relatively easy, and was surprised what parts are still available. The biggest problem was fork dust seals as the legs are 36mm diameter and were only used on the TX750 and TZ750 and of course original exhaust pipes are a bit of a problem.

And today (18122008) Rob sent some more details about his TX750 project. It sounds so simple........!

Dear Ludy

Sorry I didn’t write more but I didn’t want to bore everybody.
The bike was complete but quite a poor condition, plus all the mechanical problems I described before . The fuel tank had rusted from the inside out but luckily I found a brand new one with a large dent in the left hand lower corner. I work in a Yamaha Premier Dealer and have access to the Yamaha YPEC system and quite a few parts were still in stock.
Everything except the tail light and headlight was rechromed all the zinc plated parts were stripped and cleaned and re-zinc.
A Company called JBS does all the paint on my restorations, and as you can see they do a fantastic job.
All the polishing I did myself, and the switch gear was refurbished by myself.
I bought a scrap TX750 just in case I needed anything, to my surprise I used quite a few parts of the donor bike.
I was at a local auto jumble and found a genuine air filter kit. At another bike show I bought a full set of workshop posters still in the original packaging. They show all the special features of the bike. At the classic bike show held at Uttoxeter Racecourse run by the VJMC, I was looking through all the manuals and found a genuine workshop manual and assembly manual, with it was a supplementary service manual which has a letter from Yamaha America to all the dealers saying the warranty period was extended by 3 months to allow time to do all the mods. Also include was all the modification sheets and there were lots, as you know

I do think that Rob is extremely modest about this project, don't you agree ?

Here are the 2 large pictures Rob promised to send, you can "click" them.

I still have to restore my own TX750, maybe I better bring it to Rob.....!


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