Yamaha YGS1 and RD250DX of Paul Simmonds

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To show what can be done on a budget Paul Simmonds from the U.K. sent these pictures of two old Yamaha's he recently restored.

Paul found this 1965 Yamaha YGS1 in a very sorry state for just 75,00 Pounds

yamaha ygs1-1k

and with a lot of "elbow grease" he turned the little bike into an eyeable street machine. Paul considers "refreshing" the wheels later by trying to find new rims and spokes. I told him that would not be too difficult in the U.K. You can see that it is not immediately necessary to spend a fortune on chrome plating and other things you have to outsource.

yamaha ygs1-2k


After the YGS1 Paul Simmonds took another old Yamaha into custody....

Here is what he has to tell about his nice Yamaha RD250DX of 1977 vintage.

"I bought the Yamaha RD 250 DX 1977 in January this year (2010).

yamaha rd250dx 1977 before restoration january 2010

As you can see from the photos, it was in a bit of a state to say the least!

yamaha rd250dx 1977 engine before restoration

I've been working on it since then and have just finished it, (mid-March 2010).

yamaha rd250dx 1977 after restoration 2 march 2010

I bought the bike locally for £500, too much really, but that's what they seem to fetch in the market these days. I stripped it totally, shot blasted the frame in the greenhouse (what a mess!), and sprayed the frame and body work (also in the green house). I have a heater in there - it's like an oven, you can imagine that! (I do wonder how Paul looked when he came out of the greenhouse?????).

yamaha rd250dx 1977 after restoration 3 march 2010

The only thing I had to send away was the front forks to have refaced as they were very pitted with rust. I've spent the price I bought it for on parts (so about another £500), from all over the place.

yamaha rd250dx 1977 after restoration march 2010

I'm a mechanic by trade, but also have worked in a body shop. I am working on another now - an  XT250. I need to get a job to have a rest!" Regards Paul

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