Yamaha G6S/G7S of Mike Silva

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Mike Silva from Tulare, California, USA has two very nice small Yamaha bikes.

The blue and white 1970 Yamaha G6S belonged to Mike’s father-in-law and was so bad that it had to go to the local dump/scrap yard! The engine was in pieces of course in an old box but Mike found a local Vintage Motorcycles expert by the name of Tommy Jones. Tommy repaired the engine and brought the Yamaha G6S back to its former glory.

1970 yamaha g6s

1970 yamahag6s

The Yamaha G6S is nearly identical with the European FS1 ("Fizzy") 50 cc moped in shape and styling. Many parts at that time were interchangeable between small models.

1972 yamahag7

The 1972 Yamaha G7S Mike  found on EBay.

1972 yamaha g7

Mike understands that these small Yamaha’s are quite rare now  and is very happy with them as they are both in excellent condition. But it proves that they still can be found in the USA.

In Europe nearly all these small bikes were completely ridden until they fell apart....!

mike silva g6s

Here is Mike Silva with his 1970 blue and white Yamaha G6S. In the Netherlands we called these bikes "bellycrawlers" as all the young guys rode them lying flat on the fuel tank. But with all due respect this is not applicable to Mike!

lorri silva 1972 g7

Lorri, Mike's wife, also joins the riding party every now and then. And to be quite honest, these 80 cc Yamaha's were so much fun to ride. They accelerated well and could hold a very reasonable topspeed.. They were and are very desirable Yamaha's!

I do hope Mike and Lorri keep the machines and have some fun with it!



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