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Stan Nicholson from Ontario, Canada,  still races a Yamaha TD2B! And, at 66 years young he proudly carries the Number 1# on his bike!

Here are his own words:

"Äctually I started racing in the U.K. in 1963 before we moved to Canada in 1967, where I picked-up the racing hobby again in 1971.


yamaha td2b

I originally bought my TD2B at the end of the 1972 season here in Canada and raced it in 1973 and 74 before retiring from racing for the second time,

having 2 children under 8 at the time.


yamaha td2b

I started vintage/classic racing in 1982 after importing a Greeves

Silverstone from the UK, as the only time period at the time was for pre-67 bikes. When

the club started a class for pre-72 bikes in about 1985, I managed to track

down my TD2B and bought it back as it hadn't been on the track since 1975.


yamaha td2b

I have been racing the Greeves Silverstone and the Yamaha continually since then. The

bike is original with matching engine and frame numbers but is a working

race bike, not a restored piece.


yamaha td2b

As you can imagine, having first raced in 1963, I am not young anymore and

will turn 66 this year, so I am not sure how much longer I will continue to

race. My vintage/classic racing has been pretty successful over the years,

winning the club championship in my class several times on the TD2B and

winning the overall championship in 2008 on the Silverstone, so running

with the #1 plate on both my bikes in 2009".


yamaha td2b stan nicholson

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