Yamaha Trailmaster of Tom Craig

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Tom Craig from Canada recently found a nice 1964 Yamaha Trailmaster. This is precisely how you should find old motorcycles, pretty used but complete.


yamaha trailmaster 1964


A machine like this is a very nice object to restore, starting with some "elbow grease" it will soon look a lot better. And there are still some parts for this machine!


yamaha hs1 frame


Quite amazing to see a brand new frame for a Yamaha HS1/YL1. And Tom has it already 35 years in his possession!

This is how Tom got it:

The spare frame was part of a parts lot bought at the sale of a Yamaha dealership in 1972 by a Suzuki dealer I was employed by. When they cleared out I grabbed the frame and whatever parts would fit my YJ2 (been in family since new) before they ended in the scrap. The frame is new, the original shipping tags in Japanese have faded and fallen off. Replacement frame so no numbers stamped. The frame is similarly bracketed as a YL1 frame I have but used to have a tag wired to it (mice ate it!) that had HS1 inked on so that is why I thought maybe 90.I guess there is no difference. I have had the frame since 1975,thought it might make a future restoration go easy.

Also I got a piston, gaskets, cables and tail lens for free from a nice friend of mine for the Trailmaster.

Nice to see the racer section on your site. I live about 3 and 1/2 hrs from Mosport and enjoyed taking in the racing in the seventies there, especially the F750 series. I think it came twice. Steve Baker was a regular with his Deeley sponsership before that.

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