Yamaha Catalina Racer in color!

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Quite unbelievable, we have found original color pictures from the 1958 event.

Here are probably the only original color pictures left from that very famous race for Yamaha!

Here are the bikes, still in the crate, when they "landed" in the USA in 1958. A milestone, as it was the first time in history a Japanese raceteam went to America....!



One of the Japanese mechanics at work on one of the 5 machines. Compare the details with the color pictures in the article PQ47 restored!



All the machines neatly lined up for the practice or start (we will never know...)



Just before tha start. On the left must be Fumio Ito, as he has #number 10.



Yes, I do know, there were no digital camera's in those days, but therefore these shots are so beautiful, 51 years ago it all happened.


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