Bill Ivy

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It is a small start, but hopefully there will be many more interesting pictures on Bill Ivy.

This Assen picture, taken by my friend Jan Postmus, shows how simple things were in the 1960's. Riders did not have sophisticated racing suits loaded with protectors that would make a medieval knight jealous.........!

Minoru Tanaka, who much later on worked for Yamaha Motor Europe and who happened to be Ferry Brouwer's and also my Boss at some point, simply taped Bill's completely worn boots with insulation tape.

At that time the rule was, when you started bleeding, you went "bloody fast"!


Bill Ivy and Minoru Tanaka
Bill Ivy and Minoru Tanaka

A beautiful photo of that very nice guy, surrounded by his mechanics, apparently in the Isle of Man.

Bill Ivy with his mechanics
Bill Ivy signed picture
A signed picture of Bill Ivy, probably also taken in the IOM.
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