Old and New World Champion Moto GP

It is not directly classic, but very probably this picture will be! These are certainly two of the greatest riders of this decade; Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo.

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Bill Ivy

It is a small start, but hopefully there will be many more interesting pictures on Bill Ivy.

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Roxy Rockwood

One of the earliest, if not the first, US rider to ride a Yamaha, was Roxy Rockwood.

Picture received with thanks from Guy Reynolds, Yamaha US, Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Bob Anderson, Yamaha+F1 rider

Bob Anderson was certainly one of the most "unknown" real Yamaha factory riders. Even Yamaha Japan does not remember him anymore.....!

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George Taylor, 2Old Racing

George Taylor is one of the real Classic US AHRMA Vintage riders, now in his 51st Daytona year! Read his amazing diary:

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Fumio Ito, part 2

As many people requested, hereby finally the more or less complete story of Fumio Ito, the Japanese rider who gave Yamaha its first World Championship points and first GP win.

With great thanks to Takashi Matsui, retired Yamaha race engineer, who gave most of the information. Full copyright by classicyams.com website.

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Giacomo Agostini, Yamaha Factory rider, part 3#

Recently I found some old color slides I took at various event where Giacomo Agostini participated (and I watched free of charge of course!)

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Bengt Aberg

Mike Rush from California, USA is a life-long Motocross fan. He always admired the Swedish stars in the 1970's. Here is his very personal story how he obtained Bengt Aberg's own Yamaha shirt!

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Teuvo Lansivuori

Teuvo Lansivuri (or "Teppi" as he was known with his friends) was an astonishing good rider from Finland.

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Valentino Rossi, World Champion 2008

No Yamaha website, classic or not, can be complete without Valentino Rossi, to my view one of the most outstanding riders of all times.

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Jack Coulson, Catalina team member

Recently I got one of my most amazing e-mails in the “classicyams” history!

Out of the blue appeared Jack Coulson, Yamaha team member of the 1958 Catalina G.P.!!!

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Giacomo Agostini, Yamaha Factory rider, part 2

Next to the old brown pictures I discovered some weeks ago, during Easter 2008 I found 5 never used color slides from Giacomo Agostini's first Yamaha 0W20 test in Japan in early 1974.

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Early Yamaha factory riders

Ferry Brouwer has sent me original Press photo's of Yamaha factory riders in the early 1970's. I will use the pictures also separately with riders stories later.

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Giacomo Agostini, Yamaha Factory rider, part 1

After Giacomo Agostini joined Yamaha at the end of 1973 he flew to Japan for the first tests with his new toys.

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Tommy Robb

Tommy Robb has been racing G.P. machines from 1957 - 1973. Largely unknown to many people, he was also a Yamaha Factory rider.

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Jan Kostwinder

Jan Kostwinder is a man with a life-long racing experience.

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Kenny Roberts, part 2

Dante d'Ambruoso from California is a good friend from Kenny Roberts (the 1980's man!) and promised to come with some nice stories about the Master.

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Ferry Brouwer's early career

What many of you (if not most) do not know, is that Ferry Brouwer was a talented Sprinter some 35 years ago.....! Time flies when you are having fun (especialy on a sprinter of course)

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Sonny Angel, Yamaha YDS1R

Sonny Angel was the first US rider who ventured to the Isle of Man T.T. races with a Yamaha 250 cc bike.

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Jarno Saarinen

At the end of 1972 the Dutch Photographer Jan Heese, who was at that time Yamaha's "House" Photographer, took a lot of pictures for the coming season.

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