Chas Mortimer

Chas Mortimer is with us (Yamaha) already for a very long time. A story about the riders is "in the making".

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Cees van Dongen

Cees van Dongen started as a rider already in the 1950's. As he worked later-on as Workshop foreman for the Dutch Yamaha Importer Messrs. "Het Motorpaleis", (the Motorpalace), he also became one of the first Yamaha riders in Europe.

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Remko Visser, my Webbrother

You must all be wondering about who is Remko. Here he is!

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Fumio Ito, part 1

Fumio Ito went into history as the first Yamaha "Factory" rider who went abroad and scored the very first noteworthy placing for a Yamaha machine.

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Ludy's Grandfather

As a tribute to the old generation I want to show you that I come from a motorcycling family.

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Famous GP rider

Most of you will recognize the famous rider who samples my TZ350 I think!

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Des Heckle

Not directly one of the G.P. riders that most of you are interested in, but Des Heckle was instrumental as one of the first riders using Yamaha's for Sprint Racing..

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Ryszard Mankiewicz

The first Polish rider in the Motorcycle Grand Prix.

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Hideo Kanaya

Hideo Kanaya Partnered with Jarno Saarinen in the eventful 1973 season and soon showed himself as a very outstanding rider.

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Rodney Gould

Rodney Gould was a famous rider for Yamaha.

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Dieter Braun

Dieter Braun, riding the "Mitsui Maschinen" Yamaha 250 cc in 1973, became World Champion in this very hectic year.

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Luca Cadalora

Luca Cadalora (born May 17, 1963 in Modena, Italy) is an Italian former Grand Prix motorcycle road racing World Champion.

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Mike (Michelle) Duff

Canadian Mike Duff joined the Yamaha team in the early days.

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Kenny Roberts, part 1

Kenny Roberts will certainly go down in history as one of the all-time racing greats in motorcycling -- not just in America, but the world over.

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Phil Read

A lot can be written about Yamaha's first World Champion, but I will firstly make a picture file, the stories come later when I have time.

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Kent Andersson

Kent Andersson (born August 1, 1942 in Gothenburg, Sweden, died in Landvetter August 29, 2006) was a Grand Prix motorcycle road racing World Champion. He remains Sweden's only motorcycle road racing world champion.

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