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Tommy Robb has been racing G.P. machines from 1957 - 1973. Largely unknown to many people, he was also a Yamaha Factory rider.

Here is a young Tommy Robb at the beginning of his career. No knee-sliders or any other protection in your leathers in those years. And it was all black!

Tommy Robb in early sixties
Tommy Robb in early sixties

Tommy raced in 88 G.P.'s and his first win came in the Ulster G.P. of 1962, where he won the 250 cc race. His last win, the 125 cc class in the 1973 I.O.M. T.T. races, was also his last G.P. race.

Phil Read called upon the services of Tommy Robb, to replace the unfit Fumio Ito for the 250 cc Lightweight Race on the Isle of Man in 1964.

These are Tommy Rob's (October 14, 1934) own words:

I have written here, some more details of my International results during my period with Yamaha in 1964 whilst riding mostly the RD56.

I have also attached details of most of my Grand Prix results.

Hope this information will be of some help to you.

1964 ........ IOM TT ....7th 250cc (pushed in from Govenors Bridge with oiled plugs. (Only factory Yamaha to finish) RD56
Belgian G.P. .........4th 250cc Yamaha RD56 Austrian G.P. .......7th 250cc
Dutch TT ........ 3rd Yamaha RD56

Here is Tommy on the starting grid of the Dutch T.T. (r.h.) with the new Yamaha RA97 125 cc air-cooled twin which did not finish.....

Tommy Robb Assen 1964 Yamaha 125 cc RA97
Tommy Robb Assen 1964 Yamaha 125 cc RA97

Tommy Robb: "Dutch TT ............retired on New Yamaha 125cc Twin due to Crankshaft problems (Big end)."

A splendid photo taken in Assen, you see from the left Tommy Robb and his wife, Mike Duff and partner and Phil Read with his wife and daughter. (You can click this picture for a large one!)

Further resukts of the 1964 Season:
Ulster GP....... ....250cc retired due to ignition problems
Mallory Park International.......3rd 250cc Yamaha RD56
Oulton Park International........2nd 250cc Yamaha RD56
Brands Hatch International .....1st 250cc Yamaha RD56
Scarborough International........retired 250cc RD56 ..... Big end cage collapsed

All above results were achieved on Factory machines, including those lent to me to use privately that year.

1973 IOM TT.........1st 125cc Yamaha Twin (Danfay Yamaha)

I also rode privately my own Yamahas in International race and Grands Prix in the early seventies.

Kindest regards, Tommy Robb

Tommy with one of his Danfay Yamaha's (Danfay was and is the Yamaha Distributor for Ireland).

Tommy Robb 1970's with Danfay Yamaha
Tommy Robb 1970's with Danfay Yamaha

Another good period photo.. preparation for the event.

Tommy Robb 1970's with Danfay Yamaha
Tommy Robb 1970's with Danfay Yamaha

Tommy Robb today, this photo is taken in 2007 at the Dundrod 150 Event.

Tommy Robb today (74 years young)
Tommy Robb today (74 years young)

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