Yamaha 0W31 750 cc of Steve Baker

With the Yamaha 0W31 750 cc bike from 1978 Johny Cecotto managed to give Yamaha the Formula 750 cc World Championship.

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Yamaha TZ250 Petronas

The very last "official" Yamaha TZ250 that was raced by the Petronas team, was surely more than a productionracer.

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Yamaha YZR500, 1981-1990

The next 10 years for the Yamaha YZR500 (1981-1990) were quite spectacular.

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Yamaha YZR500, 1991-2002

The Yamaha YZR500 machines from the period 1991-2002 are somewhat more fresh in your memories maybe, but they are fantastic to look at !

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Yamaha YZR750 racers

The factory version of the mighty Yamaha TZ750 were first called Yamaha TZ750R and later Yamaha YZR750.

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