Yamaha 0W31 750 cc of Steve Baker

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With the Yamaha 0W31 750 cc bike from 1978 Johny Cecotto managed to give Yamaha the Formula 750 cc World Championship.

This is the most complete series of pictures on this famous machine you have ever seen. All pictures can be "clicked" for a large format. The photos were made by Henk Hester from the Yamaha workshop (he is also an amateur photographer!), just in time before the machine was sent back to Japan after being used by Steve Baker, as member of the "Yamaha Classic Racing Team" during the Spa-Francorchamps "Bikers Classics" event this year. Steve Baker was the first U.S. World Champion with the same machine (Formula 750) in 1977, following the footsteps of John Dodds in 1974, Jack Findlay in 1975 and Victor Palomo in 1976. After Johny Ceccotto's victory with this bike Patrick Pons from France would be the last Formula 750 World Champion, all on the mighty TZ750 factory machines.

The Yamaha 0W31 is a parallel 4 cylinder piston/reed-valve ported two-stroke with a bore/stroke of 66,4 x 54 mm. It has a 6-speed gearbox, a dry, multiplate clutch and CDI ignition. Carburetion is by 4 Mikuni VM34SC units. Power is (1978) 115 bhp at 10.500 rpm. As you can see it has a double cradle frame with a telescopic front fork, a monoshock rear suspension, twin disc brakes up front and a single rear. Tyres were 3.25-18 front and 3.50/6.00-18 rear.

The bike in the "nude"!

This is how Johny Cecotto "hopped" on the bike...


A radiator big enough to aircondition your house....


The very nice "Marvic" 7 spoke wheels

The bank of Mikuni VM34SC carburetors.


A Beethoven Symphony bellowing out of these pipes.....!


The welding of these pipes is a plumbers'dream (or nightmare).


The 0W31 had the fully developed Monocross rear suspension.

The electronics were quite simple in the 1970's.


Today, World Champions need a Gameboy to play with, Johny Cecotto simply watched the tachometer and water temperature gauge!


I only wonder about overheating of the ignition coils....!


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