Yamaha TZ250 Petronas

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The very last "official" Yamaha TZ250 that was raced by the Petronas team, was surely more than a productionracer.

It had all the "works" special items. My friend Jan Postmus, also a life-long Yamaha race fan (more about that later) sent me these pictures. (all pictures can be "clicked" for large format)

The sleek left hand side of the machine already indicates speed...... Just look at the rear swing arm. Wheels are different too.


On the right side you can see better that the brakes are very different from standard. Also the exhaustpipes/silencers are very much modified.


A good view of the front cylinder and the huge carburettor. And look at that radiator, it is large enough to cool a house!


The engine on this side discloses already that it is very special. The YPVS valves are also operated in a different way.


The electrics are also placed on this side. The exhaustpipes are a work of art, look at the number of parts they are made off!


A good shot of the special clutch which has to transmit that awesome power. To me it looks that the engine is completely hand-made. When you enlarge this picture you can see that the engine seems to be machined and not cast. Side-cover is also completely different from previous Yamaha's.


The front brake with all its electronic helping functions. Anti-dive, anti-crash, anti-whatever they use today, it is on this bike it looks. (When I find out the details I will add them of course)


This TZ250 is more computerized than your children's Gameboy! i am puzzled by that 3-2-1.... It is definitively not a 3 cylinder. But I shall find out what it is!






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