Yamaha YZR750 racers

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The factory version of the mighty Yamaha TZ750 were first called Yamaha TZ750R and later Yamaha YZR750.

As a first shot I will edit these black and white pictures, colour pictures will be added later.

Here is Giacomo Agostini's machine for 1975, the Yamaha YZR750/0W29.


Immediately hereafter we have the "officially" first Yamaha YZR750 from late 1975.


I finally found a few colourshots. This is from the famous Yamaha YZR750D/0W31 1977 machine.


And a black/white "naked" of the Yamaha YZR750/0W31 1977.



One of the last factory machines is this YZR750/0W31 from 1978





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