Yamaha Trailmaster YG1T

The Yamaha Trailmaster YG1T is a machine completely unknown outside the USA.

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Yamaha XS1 in the Press

These pictures come from Fried Anepool, the founder of the Dutch "Yamaha 650 Twin Club Nederland" (now in its 20th year already!)

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Yamaha YDS3-YM1-YM2/C Brochure

Several Collectors do like to know the differences between the YDS3 models and the bore-up 305 cc versions YM1 and YM2. And I found a YM2C (scrambler) one!

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Yamaha YDS-1 Prototype "250-S"

In July 1959 the first pictures of the Yamaha YDS-1 appeared in the Japanese magazines.

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1960 Yamaha General Brochure

A nice 1960 General Brochure with the YA3, YD2, 250S, SC1 and MF1 machines.

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Yamaha YR1-2/C-3/C Brochures

The YR1 introduced in Feb. '67 was Yamaha's first full 350 cc machine. Yamaha put all their engineering into this machine and although it was a little heavy, it proved to be very good.

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A Guide to Yamaha, end 1961

In the early 1960's, Yamaha only had a handfull (not even that) distributors in Europe. (I will make a list for that in the future).

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Yamaha YF1 Brochure

After the successful YG1 model Yamaha quickly introduced a 50 cc version, the Yamaha YF1, in Apr.'64. This model had a leading link frontfork from the MF2.

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Yamaha end 1958 full-range brochure

By the end of 1958 Yamaha Motor Company issued their first English brochures.

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