Yamaha Street Bikes 1955-2009

An excellent new book has been issued on Yamaha Street Bikes 1955-2009.

Author is Colin MacKellar who wrote already several other books on Yamaha's.

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Japanese G.P. 1967

While sorting some thnigs out I found these pictures from the "Japan Grand Prix"

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Yamaha Communication Plaza Restoration Show

Recently Yamaha's Communication Plaza organized a special Show with as theme, "The System of the Restoration Program".

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Yamaha Racing Team 1972

For the 1972 Roadrace Season Yamaha Motor N.V. (now Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.) formed an International field of riders together with some enthusiastic Yamaha Distributors.

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Yamaha Racer Production 1972

By the end of 1972 I travelled for the first time for business to Yamaha in Japan.


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