Ferry and Margriet Brouwer's ARAI celebration

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Last Saturday, February 23, 2008, Ferry and Margriet Brouwer celebrated the 25th Anniversary of ARAI Helmet (Europe) BV.

Ferry and Margriet built this company to a large business with 44 importers and distributors in Europe, but also in the Middle East, Africa and New Zealand.

At this occasion they also said farewell to the company and handed the controls over to their successors. The superb party was highlighted by an exciting performance of the "The Hollies", the worldfamous group who started already in 1963.


Many personalities were present of course, whereby we mention Nigel Mansell with his wife Rosanne. Nigel was one of the first F1 drivers who insisted on the ARAI helmet. Here you see from the left: Ferry, Rosanne, Nigel, Margriet and Naomi, Ferry's and Margriet's daughter.


Ferry and Margriet just released 2 pictures of the event, the first one shows the fantastic performance given by the Hollies:

Ferry and Margriet Brouwer's ARAI party,


And the second one shows all their friends and business relations in a very good mood. The YCRT riders are partially at the table in front of you.

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