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Ferry Brouwer, organiser of the Centennial TT event at Assen in 1998, has been collecting classic racing bikes for a number of years.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s he was a Yamaha factory mechanic and a couple of years ago he decided to concentrate solely on Yamaha classic racing bikes and in particular the bikes he worked on 30 to 40 years ago. He put the rest of his bikes up for sale and set to.

Even before this decision he had started replicating classic Yamahas including Phil Read’s 1970 TD2 and the 1968 50cc RF302 that not very many people knew about, particularly at the time. These two bikes are as different as chalk and cheese and this applied to the process of replicating them as well. For the TD2 that Ferry prepared for Phil Read in 1969 and 1970 it was a fairly simple job of obtaining a TD2 and replacing the rather thin standard front forks with the top of the range, large diameter Ceriani units that had been used on the 1960s 250cc RD05A V4s and then adding the appropriate sponsor’s stickers.


Ferry Brouwer and Matsui-san
Ferry with his friend Matsui-san

The RF302, however, was an entirely more complicated matter. Ferry borrowed the original bike from Yamaha’s museum in Japan and spent two months stripping it down and measuring all the parts so he could produce drawings from which the replica could be made from scratch. He learnt Computer Aided Design (CAD) and made drawings for the patterns required for the engine and brake castings etc. Ferry still has a full time job and a very demanding one at that, he runs the European HQ of Arai Helmets and is married with a family and limited his work on his replicas to Wednesday evenings and Saturdays. The RF302 took two and a half years to build and if you would like find out more please follow his link;

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