Yamaha 0W15, YCRT machines

As part of new series about all the machines of the "Yamaha Classic Racing Team", hereby the fantastic 125 cc 0W15.


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YCRT at Spa, July 2008

Ferry Brouwer, as "Patron" of the "Yamaha Classic Racing Team" and co-organizer of the Spa "Bikers Classics" this year, assembled one of the largest Yamaha teams ever for this event, as can be seen from the following report!


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Yamaha Classic Racing Team Members

Svend Andersson These are pdf files/sheets,

Dieter Braun giving you all the details about the

Kel Carruthers YCRT members and their glorious careers.

Michelle Duff Just "click" the names and you get the sheet.

Jan Kostwinder You can print and read it at ease !!

Rodney Gould

Chas Mortimer

Jos Schurgers



Ferry and Margriet Brouwer's ARAI celebration

Last Saturday, February 23, 2008, Ferry and Margriet Brouwer celebrated the 25th Anniversary of ARAI Helmet (Europe) BV.

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Ludy's new ARAI helmet..

This season I received finally my new helmet......! Mario van Rooijen painted this super design for me. It shows clearly how my friends think about my riding capabilities.


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